shows we’ve done

2010 The Jack Chick Plays, at the Minnesota Fringe Festival
2010 Older by the Lake (or, The Colonoscopy Monologues)
2009 The Jack Chick Plays, Volume 2
2008 The Jack Chick Plays, Volume 1
2006 Peter and the Wolf: ( a collaboration with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra)
2005 Phantom of the NorShor
2003 The Lysistrata Project
2002 Les Uncomfortables (reprise)
2001 Les Uncomfortables (premier)
2000 Aristophanes’ The Birds (adapted by Colder, in collaboration with the College of St. Scholastica)
1999 Paul Bunyan and His Ox of Color (or, An Evening of Vertically Enhanced Tales), in collaboration with Minnesota Access Theatre

please see History for a brief summary of shows prior to 1999